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Christine says...

 ‘Meredith demonstrates personal integrity in all her interactions and a strong personal commitment to ethical values & standards. She is trustworthy & professional in dealing with others & is true to her values. Meredith is always respectful and treats others with dignity and fairness. She is a confident communicator and guide; and a very resourceful person’. Christine 

Raj says...

Meredith is a person whom we love to be with. She is like a motherly figure to me, and my wife and kids equally love her. Meredith has always shown high standards of integrity & ethical standards when it comes to life experiences’. Raj 

Annette says...

 ‘In my dealings with Meredith and looking at her manner with others I have always found her to be honest and with strong morals. Meredith ensures people are at ease and nothing is too much trouble. These distinctive characteristics will ensure couples will receive a very enjoyable celebrant service’.  Annette