Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia

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Celebrate with Meg!


About Meg?

I am a Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant living in Melbourne and I would love to be the person who shares your special occasions with you. 

With age and experience comes wisdom and I have it!  

I’ve had a varied career including engaging with people from all walks of life. 

In the past, I’ve milked cows, sorted sheep fleeces, cleaned for extra cash, worked in schools (classrooms and office) and government departments, membership organisations, department stores and with large corporates of the finance industry. I’ve dealt with car builders, shop front stewards, fishermen, artists, CEO’s and board directors - and I’ve enjoyed it all.  You can think of me as a chameleon - someone who can adapt to all situations.

On the home front, I’ve plotted and planned and supported my partner when he hopped on his road bike and rode from Adelaide to Melbourne for Childhood Cancer when two of our friends’ children were ill with leukemia - and then backed it up the following year but this time with a group of riders. I sourced the interviews on radios, booked accommodation, communicated with clubs for meals along the way and kept the temperaments of the riders and crew balanced. 

I’ve been a committee member and a volunteer for the Mother’s Day Classic and I'm currently a committee member and volunteer for the Pied Pipers Inc, a small group of volunteers (only volunteers) who’ve raised over $8 million for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. 

I have a wonderful husband and son and soon-to-be daughter in law.  I’m a country girl who has lived in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne and what I want most now, is to feel the joy and love of people celebrating life.

I am a member of The Celebrant Society and The Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants Inc. (AFFC).

Life is to be celebrated and I want you to Celebrate with Meg!